Discuss State and District Academic Standards Professional Development.
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Professional development needs to be worthy of teachers’ valuable time. Creating the sessions to be engaging, applicable, and provide ideas and materials they can take back to their classrooms can ensure this worth. Whenever possible, you should design sessions that allow participants the opportunity to practice what they are learning or create their own materials during the professional development session.
Create a 10-15 slide digital presentation for the professional development session you have outlined in Topic 1. The presentation should serve to inform and work with teachers on making data-driven, student-centered, instructional decisions based on state and district academic standards.
Your presentation should include the following:
At least 2-3 learning objectives to be mastered by teachers during the PD.
Agenda for the session that includes time allocations for each agenda item.
Activities aligned to the school vision and mission that are descriptive enough so each activity can be visualized.
Techniques for incorporating state and district standards into content-based learning materials and strategies, while still maintaining quality, engaging instruction.
Accountability plan to ensure that participants make data-driven, student-centered instructional decisions and implement in their classroom what was presented in the session.
Incorporate Gagné’s 9 Events of Instruction into your presentation and describe how you have done so in the presenter’s notes.
Title slide, presenter’s notes, and reference slide.
Support the content of your presentation and research in making curricular and instructional decisions with at least 3-5 scholarly resources.
In addition, create an evaluation to hand out at the end of the PD. The evaluation should allow the participants the opportunity to provide feedback on the effectiveness of the session, and briefly describe how they will use the information they learned.
Include 5-6 questions with at least one open-ended item. At the end of the evaluation describe how you will administer this to participants, whether it is by pencil/paper, SurveyMonkey, anonymously or not, etc.