Discuss the Benefits of Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI).
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“Constantly improving the quality system of a company is important, especially to start up, small, or growing businesses. It will help these kinds of businesses to compete with the larger companies who often forgo quality for quantity. This will be a good way to compete with the larger competitors, and even take some of their market share as a result of the level of quality achieved through the constant improvements in quality. In order to constantly manage quality companies, need to be or become agile or adoptable.

“A philosophy of continuous quality improvement can make a business better equipped to adapt to changes in an industry, take advantage of opportunities and avoid threats.” (Hamel, G. 2019). This is seemingly is a problem with older and more established companies who are/were accustomed to doing business a certain way. Companies were not willing to adopt technology are steadily closing, as ecommerce stores are building momentum and embracing change. Although those companies may or may not quality issues, the adoptability or lack thereof demonstrates how society has changed, and so must retailers. Consumers are expecting things to be delivered faster, with better quality, and they expect great customer service and processes while shopping. If not received they will move on to another company for their products or services.

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