Explain the type of marketing research the organization produces or needs.
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This is a POWERPOINT. It needs to be visually appealing and audio notes need to be provided. There will not be more than 825 words in this presentation, likely there will be far fewer. I am attaching photos from the required pages in my textbook and you will need to use that material to make the power point along with the citation for the textbook in references. Ortinau, J.H.J.M.C.R.B. D. (2016). Essentials of Marketing Research. [Purdue University Global Bookshelf]. Retrieved from https://purdueuniversityglobal.vitalsource.com/#/books/1260669548/ Identify a Marketing Research Problem Marketing research is the process of gathering and interpreting data for use in developing, implementing, and monitoring an organization′s marketing plans. Its key elements are the product or service, its price, its placement or the channels in which it is distributed, its promotion, the tangible elements at the point of contact, and the processes and people involved in making the exchange or delivering the service. In this regard, marketing research is used by marketers and managers to make key marketing decisions. There are many different types of organizations that conduct marketing research. In this Discussion, you will explore the impact marketing research has on marketing decision-making in relation to different types of organizations. You will demonstrate a comprehensive understanding and expert-level usage of interpersonal skills to embody a professional demeanor using all of the following skills: communication skills, problem solving, decision-making, listening skills, negotiation, and assertiveness. Execute the following requirements in a PowerPoint presentation, and ensure you convey your audio and visuals in a professional manner using appropriate communication and presentation skills. If you need help with adding audio to PPT, view this PPT Tutorial. Identify one organization from the following categories: Producers of Products and Services (e.g., Coca-Cola®, Microsoft®, Disney®, etc.) Advertising Agencies (e.g., MEC, McCann WorldGroup©, etc.) Marketing Research Companies (e.g., Nielsen Company, Arbitron, etc.) Conduct research and discuss how the organization uses marketing research. Write about research for the company selected in each category. (Three companies — three types of market research used) Explain the type of marketing research the organization produces or needs.