Explain virtualization fundamentals (server virtualization, containers, and VRFs).
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In a traditional networking environment, network administrators and network engineers configure and manage network devices updates, changes, and configurations. This is less than ideal for networking management since the complexity of network expands drastically when more devices are added on to the network. It will require a human intervention to configure each device either using CLI or SSH and slow down operational uptime of the network. Instead, the use of controller-based networking can resolve this task and run autonomously without constant management or oversight from an administrator. Controller based networking aims to cut all the inherent task of configuring networks by providing a centralized node to control and make changes of each network device. Cisco Catalyst Center is a unique solution to Cisco and its partners allowing seamless management and monitoring for a network center and its operations (Cisco, 2021). With a solution like Cisco Catalyst Center, administrators can increase uptime by automating task like updates, configuration pushes, and network outage notifications with the use of a web interface. By having all network nodes report directly to a central server, administrators gain immediate access to a web console displaying metrics and statistics for each device, providing real-time insights into their performance and highlighting potential issues. The same user-friendly interface allows administrators to implement changes to device configurations and automate tasks using protocols like NETCONF, RESTCONF, and gNMI (Cisco, 2023). These protocols seamlessly interact with networking devices, facilitating the implementation of configuration changes, such as adjusting Access Control Lists (ACLs) or implementing Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routes.
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After reading the Cisco week 8 modules, respond to one of the following questions:
Module 13. Network Virtualization
Describe controller-based and software-defined architectures (overlay, underlay, and fabric) (Separation of control plane and data plane, North-bound and south-bound APIs)
Explain virtualization fundamentals (server virtualization, containers, and VRFs)
Module 14. Network Automation
Explain how automation impacts network management. Compare traditional networks with controller-based networking.
Review other student posts and respond to at least two student posts providing additional details, enhancements, and substance.
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