Explain ways of how to manage resistance to change.
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Managing Change Patient satisfaction has been low on your medical-surgical unit, for which you are the manager. When this is reported in a staff meeting, a new RN on the unit reported that hourly rounding has been identified in the nursing literature as a way to improve patient satisfaction. Some members of the nursing staff are willing to implement anything to improve patient satisfaction, as salary bonuses are tied to the unit satisfaction scores. Other staff members feel that this new nurse is pushy and are not willing to implement any suggestion she makes for improvement. The unit has been understaffed for a couple of months and the nurses are feeling overwhelmed by the workload. Using Lewin’s Force Field Model of Change: 1) identify the driving and restraining forces for this change and 2) apply the three stages to implement change to hourly rounding. 3) Describe the role of the change agent and 4) How to manage resistance to change.