In two different paragraph give your personal opinion to Sasha Bluitt and Samantha Thompson .
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Using as reference  

Title: Health Policymaking in United States 

Edition: 6th (2015) 

Author: Longest 

Publisher: ACHE 

Book ISBN: 978-1-56793-719-0 

Chapter 4: “The Role of Courts in Health Policy and Policymaking” 

Discuss the following in not less than 200 words 

Is influence in Public Policy environments a matter of power and focus? Why or why not 

In two different paragraph give your personal opinion to  Sasha Bluitt and  Samantha Thompson 

Sasha Bluitt 

It is believed that public policy environments are a matter of power and focus. Influence uses a lot of power and authority to change others actions and acts. When looking at public policy environments power and focus are the basis of influence. The first positional power, which is related to entities place or role in the public policy.The second is reward power when you are rewarded.The third type of power is expert power can be caused by information that others might need. I do feel that influence in public policy environments is a matter of power of focus. The reason why interest groups and organizations have a influence over health policies is because of this Focus is having a basis for knowing and influencing when and where to emphasize efforts. Picking your battles and knowing when to handle a particular situation goes into power and focus.

 Samantha Thompson 

Influence in public policy is the majority of policy power today. Policy makers involves politics and the definition of politics is, “the art or science concerned with guiding or influencing governmental policy” (Dictionary,2019). So to create policy you need power and the ability to persuade people that your way is the right way. Longest states that policy, “involves vote trading, political bargaining, and biases based on ideology” (Longest, 2016). As the practice of policy and political standing continues, there is change coming. This seems to be apparent in all practices. For example, in the medical there seems to be a split of the good old boys’ club and the new generation providers. Often these new gens are people that have a mid-level license so they know what it’s like working at all levels of providing care. They have more ideas to help all people and not just make more money for big corporations.

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