Summarize the NAEYC code of ethical responsibility.
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  • 1. Children, Families, and Communities Guidebook: Developing Family Partnerships Introduction: Set up your Children, Families, and Communities Guidebook with a section titled “Developing Family Partnerships.” For this section, include an introduction that explains what is included and why partnerships are important for families.
  • 2. Developing Family Partnerships Ideals: Using Chapter 4 of the Gestwicki text, specifically page 104 as a guide for the nine NAEYC Code of Ethics responsibilities to families, address the following for each of the nine ideals: 
    • -Summarize the NAEYC code of ethical responsibility.
    • -Compose a personal commitment statement, specifically detailing how you will follow this code of ethics in your current or future role as an early childhood educator.
    • -Describe your specific action plan to address this commitment statement, including at least four sources that support these statements. Your supporting sources can be an Internet resource, book, website, article, or community resource.