What are the primary benefits & drawbacks of ElliptiGo.
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I know what it is like to have an invention get patented and then begin the manufacturing and distribution aspect. It isn’t easy but it is rewarding.This is a case of two men whom developed Elliptigo~ check out www.elliptigo.comThe world’s first elliptical bike, called the ElliptiGo, was invented by a mechanical engineer Brent Teal who was also an Ironman athlete and his friend Bryan Pate a triathlete and cyclist. Bryan had pain in his knee and hips due to cycling injuries and did not like working out indoor in a gym. So Teal and Pate came up with Elliptigo! Elliptigo is a mix between an elliptical trainer and a standard bicycle but has 3 & 11 speed models that can make the ride as leisurely as a stroll or as aggressive as a full out cycling workout! One observer said “it has sleek curves of a high end road bike, the clean lines of a Razor scooter, a pair of shiny carbon fiber elliptical pedals, a smoth hub -and-crank stride mechanism and a steering column that collapses for easy storage.” QuestionsUsing the rules of thumb for reducing the risks related to introducing an innovate new product, how well are Teal & Pate likely to do with the Elliptigo?What are the primary benefits & drawbacks of this innovation?What can Teal & Pate do to sustain or extend their competitive advantage with this new product?