What is Diversity?
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A. Emotional Intelligence (~2 pages, 20 points). Emotion is a central part of organizational life both in terms of interaction with customers or clients and in terms of interaction with other members of the organization. 1.Discuss the concept of emotional intelligence. Provide relevant definitions. 2.Why is the concept of emotional intelligence important in interaction with customers and clients? 3.Why is the concept of emotional intelligence important in communication with other organizational members? 4.Provide an example from your life illustrating the importance of emotional intelligence in theorganizations. You can also use an article about the emotional intelligence from an academic journal or a business journal (article: 3 points of extra credit).

B.Diversity (~2 pages, 20 points).1.How do you understand the concept of Diversity? What is the difference between managingdiversity and celebrating diversity? 2.How have the challenges in diverse organizations shifted due to globalization? What are the challenges and opportunities in today diverse organizations due to the globalization processes? 3.What do you think about affirmative action programs—both at the university level and in the workplace? Are these programs important to increasing diversity? Explain.

2C.Conflict Management (~2 pages, 20 points). Please read the following conflict situation in the workplace. “On Friday afternoon, Jane’s manager asked her to prepare a list of top ten candidates for the announced position of the sales manager by Monday morning. Jane can ask her assistant, Ann, to help her with this task. Jane knows they will need to work the whole weekend to evaluate resumes of 100 candidates and prepare the report by Monday morning. Jane was planning to spend Saturday with her family. Ann was planning to go out with her friends on Sunday.”1. Prepare scenarios of 5 conflict management strategies for this situation. Make sure to provide relevant definitions for every strategy. 2. What strategy is the most effective in this situation? Explain.

D.Leadership (~2 pages, 20 points). Conduct research about a person you consider a Leader. Use 3-5 sources for your answer. 1. Provide brief information about this person. Why do you consider this person a Leader? Explain. Use examples to illustrate your answer. 2. What type of leadership style does he/she use? What theory/lies of leadership can be used to explain this style? Provide brief information about the relevant theory and explain why this theory helped you identify this leadership style.