Write a brief summary of the company’s main goals and strategic marketing plan.

Step 1: Watch the videos and open “the links for investors”, and read about Hasbros’ financial standing and marketing strategy.
1. Marketing planning at Hasbro: mp4 (Links to an external site.) | ogv (Links to an external site.);
2. Links for investors: http://investor.hasbro.com/ (Links to an external site.)
3. Interview with the CEO: Interview with CEO (Links to an external site.)

Step 2: Conduct your analysis of Hasbro by answering the essay questions below.
Step 3 Submit your answers.

1. Executive Summary: Write a brief summary of the company’s main goals and strategic marketing plan.

2. Current Marketing Situation: Describe the current market, specific target markets and the company’s position in the market place as it stands today. (Think of consumer, geography, competition etc.) What types of marketing research does Hasbro conduct (survey, focus group, etc.)?

3. Marketing Mix using the 4 P’s of Marketing: How does this company plan to further their overall marketing efforts? Consider the following:
• Product: What product lines are successful and what product lines do they plan on expanding?
• Price: How are their products priced and are they competitive?
• Place: What is the platform for how this company offers their products in the marketplace (distribution channels etc.)?
• Promotion: Describe the promotional outlets this company uses (including social media) for the company and their products. What is their expected outcome?

4. Controls: What is Hasbro’s plan to sustain or increase their market position?
Challenges: What challenges do they face?
What controls will they use to monitor progress and spot products/marketing strategies that are working to meet company’s goals and are not working to meeting company goals.

5. Personal Thoughts: If you had the money, would you purchase stock in this company today, based on your findings? Why or Why not?