Write a review of Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone.
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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (Columbus, 2001, 2h 32min)Descriptive Words: Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Wizards, and Magic.Using as a guide the three to five descriptive words and brief description of scenes that youincluded in your original list for this selected title, write one to two pages about the film.You may want to include a brief plot summary of the action and events of the movie’s story, butthis should be done only to demonstrate and support your independent observations about thethemes, and any cultural or social significance that you identify in the picture.Additionally, you should discuss any elements of the film that stand out to you, such as actorperformances, costume and set design, shot composition, lighting, editing and pacing, music,etc. And don’t worry if some of these terms or ideas sound new or foreign to you — that’s okayat this point. The idea is that your manner of talking about films will likely change and developthroughout the course. You don’t have to provide details about those elements of the movie forthis review, though you may if you are comfortable. This is just an early opportunity to recordyour current film language and literacy so you can be aware of how it will develop in the course.To advance your work, you may want to look online for recent film reviews of current releases.See how critics like A.O. Scott at The New York Times, Owen Gleiberman at EntertainmentWeekly, Peter Travers at Rolling Stone, David Sims at The Atlantic, and Anthony Lane at TheNew Yorker handle their discussions of the movies they review. Each has their own style andtastes, which are reflected in their reviews. But also notice the similarities in how they discusscinema generally, and whether this may help inform your own tastes and interests.And remember, movie reviews aren’t always positive! Of course, the title you will have chosenis from among your list of Top Ten Favorites, so presumably it is already a film you love. Butmaybe the film made the list for nostalgic reasons. Is there anything you would see a bit differently about the film when you look at it again through a critical eye? And what in the film iseven more enhanced when examined a bit more closely? This is all worth exploring in yourreview, which is to say that your review can certainly acknowledge that it’s not your first viewing