Argue Poe’s Narrator’s insanity in The Cask of Amontillado.
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Court Case against Poe’s NarratorDirections: This is to be your concentrated foray into the wonderful and exciting world of textual analysis! Your mission will be to argue Poe’s Narrator’s insanity from one of the two following reading styles that we have discussed from class. Based on which style, you will argue either for Poe’s narrator’s sanity for or against.1) Close Reading: If you choose a close reading, you should argue using only literary terms, such as: characterization, symbolism, etc.2) Ism Reading: If you choose an ISM reading, you should only argue using the express properties of Romanticism from the Powerpoint such as: strong emotion, supernatural elements, etc.Does that make sense? Your thesis will make the claim for Poe’s character’s sanity for or against in such sparkling, verbal vivacity as “Poe’s characters in such stories as 1,2,3 are clearly insane due to the author’s use of (insert closing reading or ISM properties here.” Then, the rest of you