Benchmark OS Vulnerability.
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It is necessary to understand that there is more than just file vulnerabilities in order to recognize the brevity of a situation involving an operating system attack that can render an entire system compromised.
Research the security differences between the Windows and the Linux operation system. In 500 words, address the following:
Proactive and reactive defensive tools provided by the operating system vendors themselves
Third-party tools that further assist in mitigating cybersecurity threats
Different methodologies used by hackers who have found a way to penetrate both operating systems
At least one chart detailing the severity of at least five vulnerabilities found throughout your research, including descriptions of the potential side effects of the vulnerability becoming active
At least one table outlining differing types of vulnerabilities for each operating system; within the table, including solutions to these vulnerabilities in the form of tools provided by the operating system vendor or third party vendors who provide mitigation tools for the vulnerability you list
Evidence that exposes any trends found regarding each operating systems security efforts