Create a Language Elements Anchor Chart.
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Frequency and repetition are important for information to move to our long-term memory. One way we can do this is by using anchor charts on the classroom walls. We can use these to refer to during our instruction and as reminders to our students. This week, you will choose one of our topics and create an anchor chart.

Multimedia Response:
This is your chance to showcase your creativity! Utilize any tool of your choice—Google Slides, Publisher, Word, Google Docs, Canva, etc.—to create a publication exploring language elements. You have the freedom to choose from the following options below:

Syllable Division
Morphemes (Include examples of prefixes, suffixes, etc.)
Orthographic Rules and Patterns

Select one of the language elements mentioned above.
Create a visually appealing document using your chosen tool.
Ensure clarity and coherence in presenting your chosen language element.
Include examples and explanations to enhance understanding.
Embrace creativity in layout, design, and visual elements.
Submission: Submit your completed project through the designated platform, making sure it adheres to the specified requirements and reflects your creative exploration of language elements. Have fun with this opportunity to showcase your unique perspective!