Critically analyse whether BREXIT has made the UK more global or more isolated?
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i) Structure. Think carefully about your structure. Begin your essay with a thesis statement (e.g. The ‘no deal’ on BREXIT for businesses would be xyz), before you start your essay. The brevity of the assignment means that you should not use much space for an introduction and a conclusion.

ii) Argument and Content – The argument refers to the ‘point of view’ to be discussed. The argument or point of view should be clearly developed throughout the essay and supported by the evidence and analyses.

iii) Supportive Evidence – You must use 7 sources of evidence – relevant and reliable information – to support your argument and the claims made.

iv) Referencing – Use the appropriate reading materials – articles (academic and non-academic articles), books, reports etc. – to back up your argument(s). Regardless of whether or not a work is quoted from directly or indirectly, all work cited in the BODY of the submitted piece of work must have the author’s name and date published in parentheses following the citation (e.g. Jones and Smith, 2005; or Johnson, 2010). If the work is quoted from directly, page numbers must also be included. Work cited must be listed at the end of the essay in a section titled ‘References’. Please use the Harvard Style of referencing here. References must be listed in alphabetical order and written up consistently and accurately. In addition, the essay must be an original piece of work and students should not be working together. Plagiarising the work of others, or work produced by the individual student for another project, will result in a mark of ZERO.

v) Style and Presentation – Essays should be double-spaced except for the bibliography, which should be single-spaced. Be sure the essay is well structured and contains accurate spelling and grammar.