Define “embodiment” ( public health definition)
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Respond to each question in no more than 500 words. Label your responses 1, 2, 3, & 4. Use complete sentences. 
1. Define “embodiment” ( public health definition).

From our readings and the Unnatural Causes videos, explain how external stressors/factors affect the human body’s biological / physiological functions.

3. Explain how embodiment has impacted, currently impacts, or in the future might impact your health. This can be positive (i.e., protective factor) or negative (i.e., risk factor).
4. From our readings, the Unnatural Causes, and our discussions, provide two (2) examples of policies that have sought to address health inequities.


  c. Provide two examples for each of i) public health approaches and ii) biomedical approaches to the COVID-19 pandemic


In no more than 300 words, briefly respond to each question. Label your responses 1, 2, and 3. Use complete sentences.
Read (or listen to the audio recording of) the NPR article “Undocumented with COVID-19: Many face a long recovery, largely on their own” (9/1/2020, see below).

Using either the behavioral, cultural, or structural frameworks from the Castaneda et al. article we read for class, answer the following:
1. Choose one of the frameworks and describe it in your own words.

2. How does the framework you have chosen apply to this article and how does it help increase understanding of this immigrant family’s experience with COVID-19? Provide at least two specific examples.

3. Based on your answer to #2, propose an intervention (e.g., policy, program, outreach) to address the issues presented in this article.