Describe a Venn Diagram that applies to your life.
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Your Think Piece prompt is the following:

This one is going to be a challenge. Let’s apply some formal logic to the real world.Describe a Venn Diagram that applies to your life. Pick two categories and describe how you fit into the intersection of both. Now, describe two theoretical people who fit only into one of those categories.

For example: (and you may not use this example or these categories)

Category A is Philosophy professors

Category B is cat owners

Professor Garcia is both a cat owner and a philosophy professor

Daniel Dennett is a philosophy professor, but not a cat owner

Suzanne Garcia is a cat owner, but not a philosophy professor

You’ll need to be more detailed in your description than above. But use that as the basis for your discussion.

In the next part of your discussion, describe how, in your life, you’ve used each of the logical operators.

For example (and you may not use this example in your own submission)

Today, I learned that if my cat does not like his cat food, then he will throw up on the carpet outside my bedroom door.

Remember to give examples of all five logical operators (negation, conjunction, disjunction, conditional, biconditional) and be sure to justify the use of these operators. Explain how they work and how they apply to the situations as described above.