Describe Commodification of Nature.
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Context: We have now read and analyzed essays that discuss issues connected to environmental studies, specifically modern day society’s tendency to commodify nature. For this in class essay, first read and annotate Carolyn Merchant’s “Eden Commodified.” Using this article, 1-2 outside credible sources, and experience from your own life, compose an essay that develops and supports your answer to the following research questions:Why does our modern society strive to commodify nature? What is the motivation for this? What are the costs (environmental, emotional, psychological, social, or otherwise) of those desires?Some thoughts to consider while generating ideas:What are the underlying motivations behind making nature convenient for us?How does control/lack of control play into this desire?Are there any gender connections to be made?In what instances/situations is it beneficial for us to commodify nature? Why?Things to shoot for:A clear, thoughtful thesis statement that has an assertion (it has a counterargument).