Describe Nora and Helmer’s marriage.
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Describe Nora and Helmer’s marriage. Can their relationship be considered a good foundation for a marriage? Why or why not?( Required) Using any of the stories (or play) from the past two weeks, analyze how gender stereotypes are perpetuated within family dynamics.(Optional) According to any of the text, what does it mean to be a parent? Use specific examples to explain what it means to be either a good parent or a bad parent.(Optional) In the case of “The Future Looks Good,” how does Arimah arrange the events of the story? How does the arrangement and each event relate to the protagonist’s struggle? (Optional) Using the text as reference and the style in which it is written, what do we specifically know about the mother and daughter of “Girl?” What can we infer?( Optional) Choose a story with a dynamic protagonist, meaning the main character has changed over the course of the text. Explore how the character evolves over the course of the story, providing evidence from the story to back up your argument.(Optional) Try to refrain from using phrases like “In my opinion” and “I believe” and “I think;” taking them out will make your sentences much stronger Try to Refrain from using second person pronouns, you; it put unnecessary attention on the reader