Describe the Legality of Recruitment.
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A recruiter says to a job candidate, “In this job, we need someone who is responsible.”The job applicant replies, “I’m the one you want. In my last job, every time anything went wrong, they said I was responsible.”I would think we all can agree that recruitment, or now referred to as Talent Acquisition, is a necessary part of the HR and organizational world. There are a number of legal considerations in the recruitment process to be mindful of. Whether we are referring to job descriptions, postings, interview questions, checking references and making the decision to extend an offer all need to be done in a manner that mitigates any risk to the company. Knowing how to “hire smart” is a must for any employer.Many HR professionals discover that recruiting compliance can be a confusing list of conditions that make our jobs more difficult. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) requirements are put in place to ensure that companies’ hiring practices do not discriminate against certain protected classes of applicants. If we fail to abide by these regulations, your company can be facing lawsuits, large fines, and often irreparable damage to your brand.This week in Chapter #2, we dive into the realm of recruitment and look at the multitude of legal issues that can arise. For your posting requirements for this week, please address the following:Student Response #1Slide # 20: Simply Interview Question – Once you reviewed the situation, you will need to address the following questions: 1) Is the initial question a problem? 2) Was a law violated? 3) What would be the company’s affirmative defense in this matter?Student Response #2Slide #29: Social Media Recruitment – Is there an issue with the candidate’s social media images that would be problematic in the recruitment process?