Describe your personal and/or your professional vision and mission.
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Paragraph One: In preparation of writing this, identify two companies that you would like to work for: one in the hospitality industry and one outside of the hospitality industry, and locate their vision and/or mission statements, or similar statements (some companies used different names). The best places to look are the corporate website or the annual report. Use the components and characteristics as presented in Important Components of Mission Statements to evaluate the vision and/or mission statements of the company. Describe how well they meet the characteristics of good mission and vision statements. Note, not all nine potential components need to be included, but certainly the more the better! Paragraph Two: Describe your personal and/or your professional vision and mission. Paragraphs Three and Four: In these paragraphs, establish either the match or the mismatch that exists between the companies’ statements and your personal vision/mission. Do the statements match? What is missing? Be detailed and precise in this assessment: statements such as “this makes me feel good about the company” are bland, in particular when they are not substantiated by specific examples and/or references. I want to see the evidence!!!Paragraph Five: In one concluding paragraph, take the standpoint of a possible future stakeholder in these companies, and given your personal beliefs, explain how these statements make you feel about the company? Would you like to see any changes?For instance, if you are a socially engaged person who strongly believes in a company’s responsibility to recycle and save energy, or you pride yourself on being ethical in your decision making, you should say so and refer to the parts of the mission statement that state this. Or, if the mission statement has no reference to social responsibility whatsoever, you could argue that there is not a good fit and that this might perhaps not be the company for you.