Determine basic hardware and software options that meet genera ltechnology needs for organizations.
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Basic knowledge of computers is practically essential for productively engaging in twenty-first-century life. Working knowledge of computer platform technologies impacts everyone from help desk personnel and field technicians to project managers and business executives. In order to make sound business decisions, one must have the ability to analyze business needs and compare available computer technology options for effectively meeting those needs.In this final project, you will assume the role of a tech consultant hired by an entrepreneur trying to start a small business. As a part of opening her business, she needs help identifying the business’s information technology needs, weighing options for meeting those needs, and making final decisions that, together, create a sound IT infrastructure for her small business. The major areas for evaluation and selection include hardware components, software applications, networking options, and information security. This document contains a table that will help you find the resources needed to address each critical element successfully; this table is located below the critical elements of the final project. Your decision-making process and specific selections will come together in a final IT Consultation Report.This assessment addresses the following course outcomes:Assess common hardware and software issues by logically applying fundamental IT tools and methodsDetermine basic hardware and software options that meet genera ltechnology needs for organizationsIllustrate appropriate network and multi-user operating system methods that support key businessobjectivesIdentify information security procedures that reflect best practices for managing access and reducing risk to digital informationstoresScenario: You have been hired as an IT consultant by an entrepreneur starting a small advertising company called MilleniAds. As a start-up, your client’s company is relatively small and has a limited budget. There are only 10 employees, including a few creative directors, graphic designers, sales staff, a financial accountant, and an office administrator, with the entrepreneuracting as CEO. The current IT budget cannot exceed $25,000 and ideally should come in as far under that number as possible. MilleniAds will produce customized sales flyers, brochures, and other branded items, such as letterhead and business cards, that apply a youthful, fresh perspective targeting millennial demographics. Therefore, the company needs the ability to store and manipulate digital images and to produce physical copies of their products for their clients. The CEO wants to keep track of inventory, sales, and expenses digitally, but she does not anticipate having very complex records for the first year. She projects having only a dozen or so accounts but hopes to scale up in the coming years. It would be ideal to have a simple and user-friendly system for sharing information and files between employees. Many of the employees are millennials themselves who have indicated that their current desktop PCs are limiting their capabilities and that they prefer using their phones and other mobile devices for their professional and personal responsibilities. Two of the ten employees will operate primarily outside of the office, soliciting business from regional firms, and they will need to access company information while on the road, in their home offices, and at customer sites.Beyond the specific information given above, you have the ability to fill in the gaps with assumptions or additional details that will make yourfinal project unique and meaningful to you. If you have any questions, reach out to your instructor for guidance, and use the milestone assignments to ensure that you are completing your project within reasonable parameters for the course.PromptGiven the scenario above, what are the best hardware, software, networking, and information security options for addressing your client’s business needs? Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:I.Business Needs: In this section, list and describe all of the business needs that you have been able to determine given the information in the provided scenario and your own choices for filling in the gaps. Be sure that you provide enough detail to fully support the rest of yourreport.II.HardwareComponentsA.Examine the business’s issues to determine specific hardware requirements. Based on these issues, what are the major categories and componentsofhardwarethatshouldbeconsidered?Identifyeachoftheapplicablerequirements(harddrivestorage,videocards,etc.),being sure to cite specific examples whereverappropriate.B.Then, compare and contrast the various options for meeting the requirements. Be sure to cite specific evidence from the component specificationfactsheetstosupportyourevaluation.Whataretheirfunctionalstrengthsandweaknesses?Howdotheycompareintermsofcost andmaintainability?C.Compose a final list detailing all of your specific hardware recommendations for your client.Be sure to logically justify your proposal as the best possible choice for meeting the business requirements.III.Software Applications A.Examine the business’s issues to determine specific software requirements.What are the type sofsoftwareapplicationsthatshouldbe considered? Identify multiple possible options within each category, being sure to cite specific examples whereverappropriate.B.Then, compare and contrast the options you have listed. Be sure to cite specific evidence that supports your evaluation. What are their functionalstrengthsandweaknesses?Howdotheycompareintermsofcost,vendorcredibility,multi-useraccess,technicalsupport,and integration?C.Composeafinallistdetailingallofyourspecificsoftwarerecommendationsforyourclient.Besuretologicallyjustifyyourproposalasthebest possible choice for meeting the businessrequirements.IV.Networking OptionsA.Examinethebusiness’sissuestodeterminenetworkrequirements.Illustrateyourresponsewithspecificexamples.Forexample,towhatextent should there be access inside the business for mobile devices and remotepersonnel?B.Then,compareandcontrasttheoptionsformeetingtherequirements.Besuretocitespecificevidencethatsupportsyourconclusions.How would you ensure security of information over the network? Which type of network connection ispreferable?C.Make final recommendations for network solutions based on your evaluation of the options. Be sure to logically justify your proposal as the best possible choice for meeting the businessrequirements.V.Maintenance andSecurityA.Interpret the business’s needs to determine specific information regarding security requirements. Illustrate your response with specific examples.Towhatextentshouldunauthorizedindividualsbepreventedfrommakingchanges,copying,ordeletingfilesordataonthesystem? Is there sensitive data for which access must be controlled? What sort of information should be backedup?B.Then, compare and contrast the options for managing user access to company information. Evaluate each option for its strengths and weaknesses, citing specific evidence that supports your conclusions. Is there a need to have password setups for files? What type of naming conventionsshouldtheclientuseforfilesanddirectories?Shouldindividualcomputeraccountsbecreated?Shouldeveryonehavereadaccess to allfiles?C.Finally, compare and contrast the options for backing up and storing information, including how often to back up information, storage location, andwhoshouldhaveaccesstobackingupthedata.Evaluateeachoptionforitsstrengthsandweaknesses,citingspecificevidencethatsupports yourevaluation.VI.FutureConsiderations: Imaginethatyourclientmayneedtoaddanewbranchorotherwisescaleupherbusiness.Howwouldthatchangeyour hardware and software recommendations? Illustrate your response with specific examples andevidence.