Develop a task list to complete the learning team assignments in Units 4 through 11.
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Good experience in practice in production and operations management can work its magic and extends even to the academic world, especially those critical decision-making processes.In this assignment, students will work in teams of 4-5 and thoroughly research the operational performance of a company listed in Fortune 500 in the last five years. Students must discuss the company’s lessons in making a big decision within the field of Production and Operations Management, present key findings to the larger class, and lead a discussion in Unit 10 on the topic.Instructions1. In order to establish a balance in group size, the professor will post the number and group participants by the end of Unit 1.2. By the end of Unit 3, you will submit your Learning Team Agreement (LTA) and do the following:Review the three project assignments due in Units 10 and 11 (Online Meetings Presentation, Discussion Management and the Research Essay).Appoint a team leader.Team members will create topic lists and post them.Review the topic lists.Post the final top five topic areas.Review the sample Learning Team Agreement.Develop a task list to complete the learning team assignments in Units 4 through 11.Negotiate the assignment workload and assign tasks.Complete the Learning Team Agreement.Select one team member to post the team’s assignment.Each group can create a dedicated discussion thread in the Unit 4 Group Discussion forum that the group can use to discuss their project.3. As a Learning Team, in Units 4-10 you will:Research your topic and explore academic literature on both sides of the issue (in accordance to your LTA).Find a position from within the literature that can be argued for and against.Divide into two internal groups – one to present the position and one to present the counterpoint. You will be evaluated by the strength of your arguments and the extent to which your position is supported by academic literature.4. At the end of Unit 10 you will give an Online Meetings Presentation:During Saturday and Sunday of Unit 10 your group will present and record in the Online Meetings Student Meeting Space. Use the Wiki located in Unit 10 to sign up for a date and time to record your presentation that best suits your group’s schedule. Please ensure that the time your group chooses does not overlap with another group’s chosen time.In both this presentation and the follow-up paper in the following unit, you will use external sources to support and substantiate your positions. A minimum of 5 sound sources will be expected.The presentation itself may be developed in PowerPoint and uploaded to the Online Meetings session prior to the recording. The heart of the session will be the narration of this presentation. However, take advantage of Online Meetings’ additional presentation features, such as guided web tours and application sharing to generate a creative and engaging presentation of your group’s work. It is to everyone’s advantage to become as familiar as possible with the Online Meetings environment during the units that precede this recording session. You may also have additional documents prepared for viewers to download to supplement the presentation. You are encouraged to be innovative in how you get your arguments across.Note that these will be closed Online Meetings recording sessions, and that peers will not be present in them for discussion. That discussion will take place in the Discussion Forum sessions that follow in Unit 11. Each Group will create a discussion thread that can be used for the class to discuss the presentation.5. Monday through Wednesday Unit 11 Discussion:Each group will have a dedicated Discussion Board with a link to their recorded Online Meetings session included in the initial post by your group.Over the first three days of this unit, each member of your group will be required to visit, view, and contribute at least one substantive post to the discussion in each of the discussion forums for other groups. In other words, everyone views all the presentations and contributes to the discussion for every group.In turn, your group will be responsible for responding to and managing the resulting discussion surrounding YOUR group’s presentation. Remember, the goal of this exercise is to create debate around issues which impact organizations.