Discuss a Aircraft Flight Test Engineer.
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Now assume you are an Aircraft Flight Test Engineer at an aircraft manufacturer that makes Transport Category airplanes in the United States. This manufacturer has offered you the task to mentor an intern, participating in a cooperative arrangement with a local university, on important features of a flight envelope diagram (also known as a V-n or V-g diagram) and why these diagrams are vital for flight test pilots and future pilots for this new aircraft. You realize, because of the intern’s lack of experience, the first hurdle to overcome is to brief them on the significance of such a diagram and the warning of ‘danger areas’ provided in it. There are areas of the diagram that indicate regions of stalls and accelerated stalls and regions where possible structural damage may occur. You need to discuss aspects of these operational limitations and potential implications if the aircraft exceeds any of these flight parameters.You have been tasked to brief this new intern on the operational flight limitations contained within the flight envelope diagram, so you start with a simple, generic V-n (V-g) diagram regulatory to introduce the topic to the intern. Choose your method of communicating this information; it should be a short essay. It may prove valuable to include a sample diagram with arrows or callouts to label the axes, regions, etc. Feel free to include your drawing/diagram as an attached photo or scanned image.