Discuss Development of a Strategic Plan.
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build upon your earlier work in Part 1 to discuss how tools and models can be used in the development of a strategic plan as well as tactical solutions for your chosen organization. Note that you are not being asked to develop a full strategic plan, as that endeavor often takes a great deal of time, stakeholder effort, and consensus. Instead, you are being asked to consider how you can apply the tools you have been learning about to your particular organization’s processes.Assignment InstructionsFirst, revise your Part 1 assignment by incorporating any feedback from your instructor and include all the sections. Then, add the following sections to your strategic plan.Propose a plan on how to use the Action-Oriented Strategy Mapping process to identify strategic issues in the organization.Be sure to identify which stakeholders you would include in the process.Use the SWOC (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Challenges) model to identify at least three tactical issues faced by the organization.Propose how you would develop management solutions to these tactical issues.Make sure you are proposing solutions specific to tactical issues (as opposed to strategic issues).