Discuss Enterprising America and the World .
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Research Paper Proposal:Address the following in your proposal:What topic/question do you plan to research? Why? What sparks your interest in this issue? And why does this issue matter to others beyond yourself?Who are the various stakeholders when it comes to this issue? Then, who your intended audience? What specific group of individuals has the power to make change when it comes to this issue?How have you narrowed this topic/question to make it more manageable? How could you keep narrowing it if needed?What makes your topic/question debatable? What are 3-5 open-ended questions within this topic?Based on your preliminary bibliography, how researchable does this question seem? Have you found a wealth of diverse sources and opinions? How credible and reliable do your sources seem? How easy or difficult was it to find peer-reviewed/scholarly sources? Which sources are most promising? Why?