Discuss financial disclosure regulations for private firms.
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You are to write this report and submit to the Advisory Services Manager, who will send it directly to the client undertake research beyond the initial reference (https://mitsloan.mit.edu/shared/ods/documents/?DocumentID=2843) toaddress the question posed for your team’s selected topic of investigation and individually submit acomplete and thoroughly investigated report which using your own research. you are expected to engage with an accounting theory to explain your topic of investigation. Choose only one theory (Public Interest Theory or Economic Interest Group Theory/Private Interest’ Theory or Capture Theory) and try to link this theory throughout your whole report. It is advised that one of your sections is dedicated to defining and explaining this theory. Your other sections can be used to explain key aspects of your topic. A typical report structure is:Executive SummaryIntroductionSection 1Section 2Section 3Section 4…ConclusionReferences (10 academic references)