Discuss reasons why LGBT is most impacted by high rates of Unemployment or underemployment.
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Topic : LGBT community (i.e., lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) Health disparities for LGBT community includes cardiovascular disease ,HIV/AIDS, High rates of unemployment or underemployment, limited access to appropriate health care, and social discrimination etc. any disparity with lots of information for research paper.
1. Introduction
-Brief introduction on health disparity
-Brief introduction of current research on health disparity, brief discussion on current programs, and areas needing improvement within those programs
-Purpose statement

2. Background/overview on the health disparity
-In-depth information on health disparity
-Prevalence of the issue
-Impact of the issue

3. Group impacted by the topic
-Discuss the group or culture of concern
-Reasons why this group is most impacted
-Prevalence of the issue among this group (provide statistical data to correlate

4.Review of current education/promotion for the topic
-Identify a Health Promotion organization related to your health disparity
-Review their website and written materials for cultural, linguistic and health literacy compliance
-Discuss specific education being provided
-Is this organization’s activity, website, etc. worth recommending to clients?

5.Program development with theoretical framework
-Describe how you would develop a program to assist in reducing your chosen health disparity in your local community (or within a specific community you know to be hard hit by the disparity). Include a needs assessment (% of community impacted, potential cause of the disparity within the community, your planned education/promotion activity, and how you would evaluate success of your activity)
-Choose a theoretical framework that would be appropriate to apply to the development of your program and why it is appropriate

6.Areas needing further research conclusion
-Areas Needing Further Research: What further research needs to be conducted on your health disparity and/or on education/promotional activities to assist in decreasing the disparity
-Conclusion: Brief Conclusion, no new ideas but a summary