Discuss the article, state opinions on each points and conclusion
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Financials Seen As Key Reason For NBA′s Imminent Dec. 22 Tipoff November 5, 2020 By playing a 72-game schedule beginning Dec. 22, the NBA is looking at more than $500M more in revenue Photo: NBAE/GETTY IMAGES With the NBPA expected to agree on a Dec. 22 start to the season today, the financial realities of the pandemic appear to have ″outweighed a desire″ among NBAers and front offices for a ″more prolonged offseason,″ according to Dan Woike of the L.A. TIMES. The ″hope of some to begin the season in mid-January appears to be too catastrophic for bottom lines already damaged by the near-certainty of fanless arenas for the foreseeable future.″ By playing a 72-game schedule beginning Dec. 22 instead of opting for 60 games beginning in January, the NBA is ″looking at more than $500 million more in revenue.″ To ″keep the league’s salary cap from cratering, players will also sacrifice part of their salaries, which will be put into escrow accounts.″ The ″consensus among league executives is that free agency will begin soon after the Nov. 18 NBA draft,″ with Nov. 20 being a date some executives are ″preparing for as the official start of free agency″ (L.A. TIMES, 11/5). In N.Y., Stefan Bondy notes the proposed schedule is ″compact but travel is reduced.″ The proposal also includes a ″play-in tournament for the No. 7 to No. 10 seeds in each conference, which gets more teams involved in the playoff race and could be adopted by the league in future seasons″ (N.Y. DAILY NEWS, 11/5). MONEY MATTERS: ESPN’s Brian Windhorst said the NBPA “definitely had some player safety protocols they wanted to go over, but the bottom line here was money as it always is.” With no fans in the ″foreseeable future, a couple of weeks ago, the players were looking at getting their paychecks taken out” between 30-40% “before taxes, before you pay your agents.” Windhorst: “As you can imagine, the players were not crazy about that.″ Windhorst said the league has ″told the teams that they will let the state and local be the guide” as to whether fans will be allowed in arenas (″SportsCenter,″ ESPN, 11/4). REST ROUNDUP: YAHOO SPORTS Jack Baer noted the ″biggest concern on the players’ side would be their side of the compressed offseason.″ Last year’s offseason ″essentially stretched from June 13, the last game of the 2019 NBA Finals, to Sept. 28,″ a span of 107 days. However, the time between Oct. 11, the last game of the NBA Finals, and Dec. 1 is only 51 days. There are eight teams that ″haven’t played games since March,″ but asking players on the Lakers and Heat to be ″ready for their next season in a span of less than two months is a tall order″ (SPORTS.YAHOO.com, 11/4). In Toronto, Doug Smith writes players will be ″load managed like never before in the first month or two of the season but the fact is, there aren’t going to be fans in the seats who would have bought tickets for the sole reason of seeing the biggest stars so I don’t think that’s an issue as big as it could be.″ Smith: ″Certainly not one that can’t be easily explained to cynical fans″ (TORONTO STAR, 11/5). CBSSN′s Adam Schein said if the shorter offseason “means there’s a little load management for the first month, so be it. You want the NBA back, you want it to be relevant, you want it to be dominant, you want to own Christmas″ (″Time to Schein,″ CBSSN, 11/4). MONEY MATTERS: In Houston, Brian T. Smith writes in the ″name of money, money and more big money, the NBA is insisting on a Dec. 22 start that sounded nearly impossible and highly impractical a couple weeks ago.″ Just recently, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver was being ″loudly praised″ for ″getting everything right and being so hip and cool.″ But now, Silver is pushing for a ″money grab″ similar to that of MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred by ″trying to squeeze as much as possible into as little as possible.″ Smith asks, ″Why not tip off again in mid-January? February? March? Why not stick to the original plan, which prioritized getting fans back into arenas?″ Discuss the article, state opinions on each points and conclusion Mention and quote specifics of the article when talking about it