Discuss the effectiveness of the company’s practices and structures
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1. The role of board of directors in corporate governance and competitiveness

2. Performance of Socially Responsible investment (SRI) stocks

3. Analysis and evaluation of investments for value creation
(Indicative oral video presentation length for required 1-3 above: 12 minutes)

Required (4)
Having analysed the above three themes for your selected company, discuss how would you as a finance professional help the company take business expansion related strategic decisions in a competitive environment where responsible business practices may have a price.
(Indicative oral video presentation length for required 4 above: 3 minutes)

Please note that your oral discussion must be critical; you should therefore compare the company’s practices and structures with other company (ies). You are also required to utilise relevant heoretical frameworks, models and literature in your discussion of the effectiveness of the company’s practices and structures regarding the three themes above.
You should upload the link of your video-recorded presentation through the assessment submission folder in blackboard. The PowerPoint file submitted MUST include the following elements:

1. The link to your recorded video presentation added to the title slide of your presentation
2. The PowerPoint slides addressing all four requirements (Required items 1-3 and item 4) above (maximum 15 slides not including the title slide and reference list slide)
3. The reference list citing all references used in your presentation
4. Annexes that you have prepared to support your presentation, added after the references slide(s).
The Bloomberg tool can be used to select the real world and comparable companies and access information and data as required.
Recoding the video can be done using Panopto or YouTube, but in both cases you MUST provide the link as per the instructions above. It is your responsibility to ensure that the link is valid and the ideo recording is available. Failure to follow the instructions above means there is no submission made and no marks will be awarded.
Length of Recorded Presentation
The minimum duration of the recorded presentation should be 15 minutes and the maximum is 17 minutes.