Discuss the event’s significance within the broader historical context.
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My topic is the Roaring Twenties: Jazz and Harleim Renaissance.

I have attached the sources used.

Word Count: 900

Now that you have selected your topic and gathered your sources, it’s time to synthesize your research into a well-crafted paper.

To structure your paper effectively, consider the following breakdown:

Introduction Paragraph: This section should provide a concise overview of your chosen topic.

Impact Paragraphs: You can categorize your analysis into the following impact categories, but some paragraphs may be combined if they sufficiently cover multiple aspects:
Political Impact: Discuss the political ramifications of the historical event.
Economic Impact: Explore the event’s economic consequences.
Social Impact: Examine the event’s effects on society and individuals, what groups were affected?
Cultural Impact: Analyze how the event influenced culture, traditions, and values.
Global Impact: Investigate any global repercussions or connections.
Historical Impact: Discuss the event’s significance within the broader historical context.

Conclusion Paragraph: Summarize your findings and reiterate the importance of the historical event you’ve analyzed.
Note: Remember to analyze, I want to see a juxtaposition of viewpoints in your paper, and why it is important to analyze different viewpoints of an event.

Submit your document in either PDF or Word Doc format. If necessary, type your paper directly into Blackboard.
Ensure that your paper adheres to the following formatting guidelines:
Font: Times New Roman
Font Size: 12-point
Line Spacing: Double-spaced
Page Numbers: Place them in the top right-hand corner of each page.
First Page: Include your name, date, professor’s name, and class number in the top left corner.
Citations: Include full citations for your sources on a separate page titled “Bibliography” at the end of your paper, following the Chicago style format.

Please follow these instructions meticulously to ensure a well-structured and properly formatted paper for your Historical Event Analysis (HEA) project.