Discuss The Guitar in Brazil and Cuba.
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READ“Hybridity and Segregation in the Guitar Cultures of Brazil in Guitar Cultures pp. 157-178“Leo Brouwer: A Portrait of an Artist in Socialist Cuba”To which phenomena are musical instruments and styles linked in Brazil? How is the guitar different?Under what circumstances did the guitar become the national instrument in Brazil? Why?What were the Iberian prototypes for the guitar in Brazil? What occurred in 1459? How did the role of the guitar change in Spain and Portugal from the thirteenth through the sixteenth century?What are modinhas and lundas?What impact did the Eurocentric shift have upon the view of the guitar? What is the dichotomy between the piano and the guitar important?During the nineteenth century, what did the guitar mediate?What is choro? How and where was it performed?Why was the guitar important in the Brazilian modernist movement of the twentieth century?Why do you think Villa Lobos may have been reluctant to publish his guitar pieces?Listen to Villa Lobos’ “Choro No. 1” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAg8VHuXNKUWhat was symbolic value of the guitar to modernists?What is samba? Why is it significant? How does it relate to the guitar?What occurred with the emergence of bossa nova?How does the guitar express the social history of Brazil?What three cultural heritages have converged in Cuba? Which two are predominant?Under which circumstances was the guitar imported to Cuba?What is the son complex? Which guitars are featured in this set of related genres?How does son epitomize Cuban music and culture?What is the role/significance of the guitar in Cuban music?How did Brouwer describe his “moment of epiphany?”What did Brouwer’s Tres Danzas Concertantes represent?How did Brouwer incorporate concepts of abstraction into his music?How did his art studies impact his later direction as a composer?What are Brouwer’s opinions of musical analysis?Watch Brouwer conduct his “Concerto de Toronto” with John Williams http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJW1vRmWyf0&playnext=1&list=PLE14F1875F3AE85FE&feature=results_main