Discuss The Impact of Inward FDI on China’s Economic Growth.
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As this thesis is a compilation,I would like to clarify some points. There is no need for an introduction and a conclusion. In addition to that, the negative impact of FDI is also not needed as this should support the theory that inward FDI has been ameliorating China’s economy. It is important that only articles are viewed, I would appreciate if the articles are examined thoroughly. For example. the writer can write about the data( from where it is taken, how it is constructed), the estimations, and the results( the parts which are related to the topic). The mathematical estimations are not needed but explanations are very vital. The paper should be based on the impact on overall economy and important sectors. At least 6 sources should be used. These are some of the sources that will be helpfull. I will be uploading more sources later on. 1) Regional analysis of the impact of inward foreign direct investment on economic growth in the Chinese electronic industry2) The Impact of Inward FDI on the Performance of Chinese Manufacturing Firms