Discuss the Influence of emotions.
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influence of emotions. Instructions: • Each section must have a heading and the sentences in paragraph form under the heading. o Each section should be written in paragraph form. No bulleted lists allowed. o Use (Introduction, Hypothesis, Participants, Methods, Results, Conclusion, Your Evaluation, End citation). as the headings (not the numbers just the words). • Provide all the information listed below in your own words no direct quotes or copied phrases. • Direct quotes are not allowed. Everything must be in your own words. Information required 1. Introduction = introduce me to the topic and your thoughts on the topic, there are 3 required elements for your introduction • Brief discussion of what the study is about in general terms (focus on topic & concepts) • Brief discussion of the relevant information from the textbook on personality (ch. 11) • Discussion of how the study and textbook information are connected, discuss specifically how the study either expands on, contradicts or adds to the relevant information from the textbook (must use one of those 3 phrases) 2. Hypothesis = purpose, aim or goal of the study stated in one sentence 3. Participants = who was studied (just tell me who nothing more); must include • Number or percentage of males and females who contributed data • Age (labeled with months or years old) either mean or range, who contributed data 4. Methods = what was the nature of the information gathered from the participants (do not discuss how the tests were scored or the names of the tests); include • What the participants were asked about or tested on • If the study involves a specific procedure give a brief summary of the procedure 5. Results = what was the outcome of the tests • discuss the pattern of the test results or how the groups did in relation to each other • do not give specific numbers or refer to tables and graphs in the article