Discuss the role for religion in business?
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Listen to the Ted Talk titledhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-UyOOPgnfcAA role for religion in business? | Brad Henderson | TEDxYouth@LatinSchool. Then answer the questions.“Today, most people recognize the importance of understanding different cultures. Cultural understanding plays a huge role in business—but is it important to understand different religious beliefs in business as well? Brad Henderson, explores this not-very-talked about topic of religion and its role in the business world. Brad Henderson is a partner and managing director for The Boston Consulting Group in Chicago. He leads BCG’s Operations Practice in North America, the firm’s largest functional practice”Questions: 1) What does Brad Henderson mean by the term Interface Radar?2) How is that he proposes going from Diversity to Pluralism?3) How does he recommend to connect business with religion?4) How can we take something that can be used as an obstacle, as means of isolation (like our religion) and turn it into bridges of cooperation?