Discussion: Animal Protein Supply Chains
October 24, 2020 Comments Off on Discussion: Animal Protein Supply Chains Uncategorized Assignment-help

After reading Chapter 3 of the Pullman textbook, consider:

Select one animal protein supply chain described in Chapter 3 (each student must discuss a unique supply chain- the same commodity is ok with different supply chains. This means if someone has selected beef, you must choose another supply chain. If someone picks broiler chickens, someone may still choose poultry for eggs).

Present the supply chain to your classmates. Illustrate the major management concerns, trends, issues, changes, and assess its impact on consumers, farmers, and industry at both the domestic and global levels. What market structures exist and what management challenges and opportunities might this present?

What role has government intervention and policies played (i.e. The Farm Bill? Price Support Programs? Loan Programs? or others?) How has COVID-19 affected this industry and supply chain?