Do zombies exist?
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Cultural AnthropologyAuthorRobert L. Welsch; Luis A. VivancoISBN978-0-19-067902-6PublisherOxford University Press, IncorporatedPlease use textbook mention above and one page for each section.1. After reading the textbook chapter on Religion, Watching the Wade Davis TedTalk (World Wide Web of Belief and Ritual), and the article “Secrets of Haiti’s Living Dead”, use an anthropological analysis to answer the deceptively simple question below:Do zombies exist? Why or why not?2. Review the website, Emergent Diseases, written in 2013 about new and resurgent diseases in human populations. Also explore the CDC website on the COVID-19 disease caused by a corona virus. On this discussion forum discuss the role of human behavior and culture as societies around the world respond to this emergent disease. Themes to explore include:What role (social) do people play in either spreading or reducing the spread of COVID-19?What is the interaction between political, economic, and social components of society as it applies to COVID-19?How and why do people/communities respond differently to this newly emergent disease?How would you as a medical anthropologist approach containing this pandemic within a particular community? (you pick the example community and then apply ways that using an anthropological approach would help reduce the spread of the disease through that community).