Doctor of Physical Therapy Application.
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Prompt: University Nevada regards community involvement as an essential part of the experience each applicant should have as part of their application. Briefly describe some of the volunteer work you have completed and how you believe it will impact your work as a Physical Therapist.
I am not looking for sample volunteer activities. I need an essay to show how it will impact my work as a PT.

Volunteering examples follow:

Example 1:
The Club is an organization through the Kinesiology department that assesses personal fitness and strength levels in students and faculty and helps them determine their body composition. I decided to volunteer because of my passion for personal fitness. During my time as a volunteer, I performed skin fold assessments, took blood pressure measurements, and performed submaximal oxygen consumption and muscle strength tests. I also used the bioelectric impedance analysis scale to measure fat composition.

Example 2:
One of the most important duties a physical therapist volunteer can undertake is to observe licensed physical therapists and their interactions with patients. Volunteers in physical therapy clinics primarily enroll in unpaid programs to learn, and so are required to pay special attention to how physical therapists make initial assessments, diagnose patients, develop treatment plans and administer treatments. Volunteers should also feel free to ask questions of licensed physical therapists so that they might be better prepared to complete clinical rotations during graduate school.

Example 3:

Prepare Patients
Physical therapy volunteers or aides are often asked to prepare patients for upcoming modes of treatment. This may include transporting patients to exercise rooms or preparing patients on exercise tables. Sometimes this involves lifting and moving patients, and physical therapist volunteers should be physically up to the task. Volunteers may also be responsible for fetching the crutches, wheelchairs or other tools used in physical therapy treatment.