Eviction Analysis: The intersection between social and judicial prevention.
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Analysis/overview of how evictions happen in 5 or 6 countries. Not a comparison, more like research into how those countries are the best at avoiding evictions. Must not include the United states but must include Canada, could also include Belgium, Denmark, Finland, or France if the research supports it. Information on judicial laws to prevent eviction (for example if evictions are banned in the winter or if they evictions of parents children are restricted) and government social preventative programs that exist to prevent eviction.
The research on the following questions must be included for each country ( As best as possible) and the research used must be good sources ideally from the last 7 years or so. No covid eviction laws or changes basically what the eviction law was before covid or after.
Questions that should be answered if possible:
1. How quickly are these cases handled?
Over how much money do evictions occur?

2. What are the court structures used for housing/eviction cases in other countries?
Who’s adjudicating (elected/appointed)? What’s the adjudication process?

some research links : https://www.ohchr.org/en/Issues/Housing/Pages/ForcedEvictions.aspx