Expain how efficiently a company utilizes its resources.
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MGT 240“Case Study Assignment”You can select a company from the Fortune 500 List, then perform a case analysis of the company. There are four parts or areas that address how to conduct a case study on page 528 of the textbook. The four (4) areas/parts of a case study analysis are as follows:1.Perform an external environment analysis of the company.2.Perform an internal analysis of the company,3.Analyze the company’s current business level and corporate strategies. 4.Analyze the company’s performance.Important: no two students can do the same case study; therefore, notify me as soon as you have selected the case study you desire. If the case study has been selected by another student, I will let you know so you can select another. Financial Analysis Requirements: The financial analysis requirements are outlined on pages 534 through 538. ▪ Profitability ratios—how efficiently a company utilizes its resources.•▪ Activity ratios—how effectively a firm manages its assets.•▪ Leverage ratios—the degree to which a firm relies on debt versus equity (capital structure).•▪ Liquidity ratios—a firm’s ability to pay off its short-term obligations.•▪ Market ratios—returns earned by shareholders who hold company stock.