Explain the “Documentary Hypothesis,” including aspects of each of the authors according to the hypothesis.
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Assignment Instructions: Answer each question using ~6-7 detailed, well-developed, and effective sentences for each one. Your sentences should form an organized and informative paragraph answer,

* Give direct answers that use only the Permitted Textbook readings to create your own answer. 

* Answers will require you to examine relevant areas of the specified textbook chapters, and to select, 
arrange, and combine the most appropriate details from the readings to craft your own answers. 

* Your answers should be in your own words to demonstrate your understanding (i.e. not merely 
repeating sentences or exact phrasing from the textbook); you also should include the specific terms 
and details relevant to each answer. 

* Please avoid simply “copying” sections of the textbook. The textbook gives an overview of historical 
events and ideas, and is not directly answering the specific questions you are asked within a single- paragraph format. Merely recopying sections or paragraphs from the textbook thus will not create the “answers” you need for this Writing Assignment, and does not demonstrate your understanding of the questions, but instead shows only the ability to copy a textbook. 

* To show you understand both the question asked and the textbook material about it, you must be able to effectively discern and combine only the details most directly relevant to the question to create your answer. Each question will require the selection of some details from multiple pages of the textbook to distill into your single-paragraph answer. 
Permitted Source: Your answers are to be based only on 2 assigned chapters from the Textbook 
Backman, Clifford R. Cultures of the West: A History, Volume 1: to 1750 Third Edition 
Chapter 2 The Monotheists: Jews and Persians p55-85; Chapter 3 The Ancient Greeks: From Arrival to 
Glory p.89-116.

Citing the source: For this assignment only, you are to “cite” using the page number. This is mandatory. You must indicate the page where you found the details you are using in your answer.
For example: Western civilization originated in southern Iraq (p. 3). This method will be sufficient for this assignment when using the only the Permitted Source specified above.
Your answers are to be your own individual work only, for all stages of creating your answers.

Be sure you have read the previous page of Instructions and Permitted Source information carefully and completely before beginning your answers.
Please clearly number each answer so that I can be sure of the question you are providing the answer for.
Read each question carefully as a guide to what your answer needs to cover, and read through the Permitted Source textbook Chapters 2 & 3 to be sure you are finding all of the information you need to create your answer.
You are to consult only the assigned Textbook chapters for your answers. Some of the topics might appear in other areas of the textbook as well, but you are only to focus on Chapter 2 & 3.

1. Explain the “Documentary Hypothesis,” including aspects of each of the authors according to the hypothesis.

2. What are the key aspects of the outstanding success of the Persian Empire under rulers Cyrus the Great and subsequently his son and heir, Cambyses?

3. What are the main significant religious aspects of Zoroastrianism?

4. Explain who the Minoans are, as well as the language issue that has prevented us from knowing more about them.

5. What are the features and customs specific to the city-state of Sparta that distinguish this society from among all the other Greek poleis? 
Good luck with your assignment, and I am looking forward to reading your work! 

I have attached pictures of Chapter 2 and 3.

Please let me know when you have any questions.

Thank you so much for you help.