How are the two sources different?
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The middle passage was a terribly brutal reality of the slave trade. You will read two accounts of the middle passage. Watch this short video so that you have some basic knowledge about the middle passage.Watch this video., read the account of Olauduh Equiano, a slave who survived the journey: Source 3 – Excerpt from William Snelgrave’s New Account of Some Parts of Guinea, and the Slave Trade.pdfNext, read the account of William Snelgrave, a ship captain who transported slaves across the Atlantic: Source 4 – Excerpt from The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olauduh Equiano.pdfWrite an analysis of these two sources. What do these sources add to your knowledge of the slave trade? How are the two sources similar? How are the two sources different? How would you describe life for enslaved people who made the journey across the middle passage?