Is the queen a symbol what powers does the monarch hold discuss in comparison to other monarchs and their powers?
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public law: HARVARD REFERENCING IN TEXT. and bibliographyINFO:Please write an essay about the english monarch queen elisabeth and what powers does she hold, do these powers change in times of crisis or is she just a symbol?Do her or did her powers change over time? and how does her power differ to that of other monarchs ( give examples- holland and belgium king /spain etc. with examples of the different types of monarchy and their representative powers, they are and what their role as monarch include. dont forget to use relevant statutes and acts. ( when it was decided/ who has what power in the past) if relevant you can also include DICEY’s and Blackburns argument. -explain the definitions of Royal Prerogative given by Blackburn and Dicey.please use relevant sources ONLY no wikipedia etc. use ENGLISH law sources and those relevant to the other monarchs you will include. Some help and stuff to include in essay!:the primary legal source of the monarchs personal powers and privileges is an ancient branch of the Common Law called the Royal prerogative supplemented by statutes like the BILL OF RIGHTS 1689.the constitutional role and duties of the british monarch are set out in the current version of s.3 Coronation Oath Act 1688. Over the course of modern history, particularly following the enforced abdication of James II and enactment of the bill of rights 1688 or 1689, legal and constitutional distinctions have emerged between the Personal and political capacities of the monarch and the queen as an individual person and the monarchy as a public institution. ROYAL ASSENT: – Human Rights Act 1988- ‘ ROBERT BLACKBURN- THE ROYAL ASSENT TO LEGISLATION AND A MONARCHS FUNDAMANETAL HUMAN RIGHTS’. (2003) PL 205 suggests two possible answers. the first according to blackburn is opened up by the human rights act 1998 itself and relies on the regency acts 1937-1953. Second focuses on the meaning of royal assent. MONARCHY AND THE PERSONAL PREROGATIVES’ (2004) PL 546 BLACKBURN.Possible reference? – RODNEY BRAZIER IN CONSTITUTIONAL PRACTICE.