Joel Chandler Harris’ “Tar Baby” a Reflection of the Dilemma of Slavery
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Final Presentation Requirements:Requirements (see 1-5):1. At least 5 slides to support your discussion of some or all of these things: What is your research topic? What was your original research question or goal? Did that change, and if so, how and why? What did you learn that you did not already know? What surprised you? How is your research project related to themes or ideas that we have discussed in class? Does any part of your research have connection with or relevance for any other coursework you have taken or plan to take at MC?2. The slides should include visual images, if possible. Visual images of myths tend to be fun and interesting—find some that are intriguing to you!3. One slide should include a direct quote from a myth that you are discussing. The quote should be in some way interesting and relevant to whatever ideas you are thinking about in your research.4. One slide should include a quote from a secondary source that you are using in your research that is particularly interesting, eloquent, intriguing or insightful. You should be prepared to discuss what the original author meant by this quote.5. The final slide of your presentation will include a sources cited section.Practice presenting in advance: your presentation should take roughly seven minutes (no less than five, no more than ten).part 2 write a 5 page research paper using the research proposal on order 927998403Research papers for this course are essentially independent study projects. This assignment gives students the opportunity to identify and explore a mythology (a single story, or a group of stories, but no more than 2-4) that is of interest to them. You may choose to focus on mythologies from a single culture, or two compare mythologies from two cultures. You may write exclusively about mythologies we have read in class, or you may explore a world mythology that you find fascinating.