Movie: Awakenings-Dr. Malcolm Sayer.
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The purpose of this assignment is to enhance the knowledge of psychological disorders and of diagnosing by applying it in a practical setting. Each student will select a movie and a character that will be the “patient”. The student is to see the movie. Students are to watch the movie with a clinical eye – picking up on their selected character’s mannerisms, characteristics, personality, and manifestation of various symptoms meant to aid in the creation of a full biopsychosocial assessment – to include the justification of and a full diagnosis. It might be necessary to watch the movie a few times to get all the details needed to complete the assignment. Whatever details are not obtained from the movie can be made up by the student to complete the assessment. Made up information needs to be relevant. This information can include, but is not limited to: school history, family history, substance use/abuse history, legal history, etc.