Promoting Quality and Safety: The Role of the Nurse.
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Promoting Quality and Safety: The Role of the Nurse Objective Describe the nurse’s role in promoting quality care and patient safety among the interdisciplinary health care team Discussion Overview In this discussion forum, you will describe the role of the nurse in promoting quality care and patient safety to the interdisciplinary team for a selected evidence-based practice issue. Deliverables Participation in the discussion forum, including the following: Response to the initial questions Responses to at least two other students posts Step 1 Read the case scenarios. A group of nurses working on a medical-surgical unit at General Hospital learns that there has been an increased incidence of falls in elderly patients on the unit over the past two months. They recognize that this is a serious concern. This group is charged with the task of assisting in the investigation into the cause of these falls.   The nurses investigation leads to two findings. Falls on the unit primarily occurred in patients with impaired mobility or impaired cognition who were trying to get out of bed on their own to use the restroom. Based on these findings, the nurses will be reporting their recommendations for resolving the issue to members of the interdisciplinary team on the unit (such as other staff nurses, advanced practice nurses, physicians, physical and occupational therapists, pharmacists). Step 2 Post a response to the discussion board. In your response, address the following questions: What recommendations could be made by the nurses in this scenario to promote quality and safety in regards to decreasing falls? What would be the best way for this group of nurses to disseminate their findings to the members of the interdisciplinary team and other staff members (such as nursing assistants) on the unit? Describe one reliable source that can be used to identify evidence-based reports and clinical practice guidelines related to this situation and remember to cite your source.