Tidwell Bayou Farewell Response Paper.
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Part I. Introduction.
Provide a brief synopsis of the reading. What conclusion or major points was the author trying to make? What were some of the reasons that the author used to support his/her conclusion? Keep this portion brief, though. This is not a book report.

Part II: The Body.
– Did you agree with the author? If so, why? (Or why not?)

– While you were reading, did any potential response to some question raised by the author occur to you? Or, any solution to some puzzle or problem that was discussed? Etc. If so, share a brief synopsis of your ideas.

– What were your original perceptions concerning land loss in Louisiana, the recovery project, and the future of New Orleans and its surrounding environment? Did this work change your ideas, reinforce initial ones, or something in between?

– Did thinking about this topic cause you to see the world differently in any way? (Or, perhaps re-evaluate your beliefs, goals, actions, etc.?) If so, say a bit about the effects of the reading on your worldview.

– Were there any portions of the reading that you disagreed with or think should have been left out? Feel free to be a critique.

– Think about the following question: What should be done in Louisiana and why. How does this connect to other issues involving climate change and culture elsewhere? How do we prioritize when it comes to loss around the globe?

Part III: The Conclusion.
Wrap it up. Restate your main ideas and leave me with some take away from your paper.