What are the four Styles of Listening?
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1.What are the four Styles of Listening2.Define Empathic Listening and Give an example of doing this with a client3. Define proper Etiquette in professional electronic communication. Give an example4.Identify four elements of developing a successful presentation. (Beginning, Middle, End, Eye Contact) Discuss an experience that you had while doing a presentation. What worked and what could improved in your future presentation.5.Identify strategies of success for a behavior change plan. Discuss the plan, (Do, Check, Act,) Define each Strategy.one page and a half.Please read chapter 12 and answer the following:1.Define Assimilation and Acculturation. How are these concepts used in a HS Organization2. Define politically smart Behavior for a Human Organization3.Identify six principles of Influence and give examples of how you used three of them in the field.4.Discuss three concerns before agreeing to collaborate with other HS organizations / or with other professionals. One page and a half. Text Book: Developing Human Service Leaders Author: Deborah Harley-McClaskey