What are the pros and cons of making the use of such substances while pregnant a crime?
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M01 Discussion – TeratogensNo unread replies. No replies.InstructionsReply to the topic below. Discuss your answer in a well-developed reply of at least 300 words. Reply to at least two classmates in a well developed reply of at least 100 words. The purpose of your response is not to solely agree with them or to let them know they have done a good job, but to discuss your viewpoints regarding their commentary. Do you disagree, and if so, why? What might they have missed in their response? Did their response give you a different perspective? The purpose of your response is to elicit additional discussion with them. Your response should be researched, and therefore, references and citations of those references within the body of your response are required. Click “Reply” below to begin.Teratogens are substances or situations that increase the chance of pre-natal abnormalities (Santrock, 2019). Teratogens include such issues as disease, stress, and exposure to chemicals. Other teratogens are behavioral in nature such as the use of drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes while pregnant. The use of these substances can have negative effects on the fetus, which can lead to issues for the baby once born. Reference:Santrock, J. W. (2019). Essentials of lifespan development (6th ed.). McGraw Hill.For this discussion board: Click on the link below to read an article about criminalizing substance abuse while pregnant. In addition, view the videos below on babies born addicted.In your discussion, answer the following questions discussing the issues raised in the article and in the film clip as part of your response:Should a woman who uses substances that are known to be harmful to the fetus be held responsible if some issue arises as a result? Why or why not?What are the pros and cons of making the use of such substances while pregnant a crime?Is there a difference in the consequences based on whether there is harm to the fetus or not, for not all situations where teratogens are used result in a problem? Justify your response. To help you understand the feasibility of law as it relates to substance abuse and pregnancy, refer to “Criminal Charges for Child Harm from Substance Use in Pregnancy (Links to an external site.)” from the Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law Online.The Effect of Drug Abuse on Pregnancy (Links to an external site.)ReferenceWinn, K. (2013, May 14). The effect of drug abuse during pregnancy [Video]. YouTube. https://youtu.be/OtBPqN78f-0Video on pregnancy and addiction (Links to an external site.)ReferencePBS. (2016, January 9). The opioid epidemic’s toll on pregnant women and babies [Video]. YouTube. https://youtu.be/DbeVhMye9NQ