What are the values of the Juggalo culture?
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For this activity, read the following article, From Fan to Fam.
After that, check the list of references and explore additional resources related to the Juggalo culture (e.g., websites, articles, discussion forums, videos, etc.). Then, answer the following questions:
1. What are the values of the Juggalo culture?
2. What elements make the Juggalo culture“controversial” and why?
3.Identify another “controversial”culture and describe its main features.What elements make it controversial and how is it similar/different to the Juggalo culture?
4. Students can be fans or active participants of controversial expressions of popular culture. Imagine being a high school principal. A group of parents wants to meet with you. They are concerned for their children because two students in their classes are Juggalos (a Juggalo and a Juggalette). Are their concern legitimate? Why? How will you address such concerns?
In your reflections, be insightful and don’t forget our COR at the end of the aE values (Curiosity, Open- mindedness, Respect, and Empathy).
It is for a Culture, Literature, and Fine Arts class.